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"The Illicit Market of Art and Antiquities: A Panel Discussion about Museums and the Law"

  • 20 Oct 2011
  • 6:00 PM
  • Rm 245A, Silverman Hall, 3400 Chestnut Street
Jason Felch & Ralph Frammolino, authors of "Chasing Aphrodite: The Hunt for Looted Antiquities at the World's Richest Museum"
Robert K. Wittman, FBI Art Crime Team and author of "Priceless"

The illicit market in art and antiquities is a huge business throughout the world. The authors of two new books that focus on these issues will participate in a panel discussion that will focus on museums, acquisitions, the preservation and destruction of cultural heritage, and the law.

Jason Felch and Ralph Frammolino are the authors of a recent book that chronicles the story of how the Getty Museum acquired looted antiquities over the last three decades and became the epicenter of a recent scandal, forcing major American museums to return illicit object to Italy and Greece. Robert Wittman, author of Priceless, was a founding member of the FBI Art Crime Team and spent much of his career recovering stolen art and antiquities.

This panel discussion will be moderated by Richard M. Leventhal, Director of the Penn Cultural Heritage Center.

Co-sponsored by the Penn School of Law and the Penn Cultural Heritage Center
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