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The Great Museum of the Sea: America's Submerged Maritime Heritage

  • 24 Aug 2011
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Online or phone webinar; or at NOAA SSMC-4 (1305 East-West Highway, Silver Spring, MD, 20910), Room 8150

The Great Museum of the Sea: America's Submerged Maritime Heritage

Phone or online webinar

Abstract: Ongoing surveys, assessments and excavations of lost ships and submerged sites throughout the United States have increasingly added to our understanding of America's past, from prehistoric times through the modern era. In many ways, the bottom of the seas and lakes are one of the greatest museums, including the waters managed by NOAA in the National Marine Sanctuary System. Dr. Delgado will conduct an illustrated tour of some of the more compelling sites and shipwrecks that have added to or revised our understanding of the past while also providing tangible and relevant links to our heritage for the public.

About the Speaker: Dr. James Delgado is one of the world's best known maritime archaeologists and historians. In a four-decade long career, he has participated in and led shipwreck expeditions around the world, including projects in the Arctic, the Baltic, the Mediterranean, Pacific and Atlantic. Shipwrecks he has worked on include an 2,700-year old Phoenician wreck off Spain, the polar exploration vessel Maud, USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor, the atomic-bombed fleet of warships at Bikini Atoll, the lost fleet of Kublai Khan, sunk off Japan's Kyushu shores in 1281, another Mongol fleet lost near Hanoi, Vietnam in 1288, ships from the California Gold Rush buried beneath downtown San Francisco, the notorious ghost ship Mary Celeste, wrecked off Haiti, an 1865 Civil War submarine lost in Panama, and RMS Titanic. In 2010, he was the chief scientist for the scientific mapping of the Titanic wreck site in 12,467 feet of water. Author of 33 books and numerous articles, he also was the host for the six-year run of the National Geographic international television series "The Sea Hunters." He has previously served as the maritime historian for the National Park Service, was the executive director of the Vancouver Maritime Museum in Canada for 15 years, and for five years was with the Institute of Nautical Archaeology, a global NGO where he served as President and CEO before returning to public service with NOAA in 2010.

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