Advocacy and Litigation

This committee is responsible for tracking and reporting on international, national and local legal developments that affect cultural heritage preservation. The committee will also investigate and respond to cultural heritage preservation issues and will develop timely responses as necessary, including, but not limited to, submitting testimony and letters to administrative agencies, contacting members of Congress and other governmental bodies at both the national and local levels, and undertaking participation in litigation through the submission of amicus curiae briefs, as appropriate. Decisions taken by this committee shall follow the Litigation and Advocacy Policy adopted by the Board.

  • Anita Canovas
  • William Cook
  • Tess Davis
  • Diane Edelman
  • Paul Edmondson
  • Lubna S. El-Gendi
  • Elena Kravtsoff
  • Shannon Keller O'Loughlin
  • Lucille Roussin
  • Hilary A. Soderland
  • Rick St. Hilaire

Budget and Finance

This committee is responsible for presenting to the Board each year an annual financial report and a budget projecting income and expenditures for the upcoming year. This committee recommends to the Board membership dues, different categories of memberships and expected contributions of Board members. This committee is also responsible for maintaining the financial records of LCCHP and of keeping payments and other financial responsibilities of LCCHP current.

  • Will Cook (Chair)
  • Mahsa Javid 

Education & Outreach

This committee is responsible for organizing education programs for both the general public and the legal professional and academic communities. It oversees activities and projects in relation to law schools and professional and academic publications related to the cultural heritage field. It also runs the law student writing competition.

  • David Tarler (Co-Chair)
  • Emily Monteith (Co-Chair)
  • Caroline Blanco
  • Tom Kline
  • Jennifer Richman

Writing Competition Sub-Committee

  • David Tarler (Chair)

Moot Court Competition Sub-Committee

  • Emily Monteith
  • Gary Nurkin
  • David Tarler  


This committee is responsible for oversight and maintenance of the LCCHP web site, the yahoo group list-serve and other methods of outreach to our current members and for formulating means of increasing our membership and involving our members in the ongoing activities of LCCHP.



This committee is responsible for providing to the Board nominations for term directors and officers as needed. In making nominations, this committee is mindful of the many balances that Board members and officers should reflect, including disciplines, type of employment (private practice, government and academic), and geographical residence. This committee is also responsible, with the assistance of the officers, for informing potential trustees of their financial and management duties to the LCCHP and for orienting them to their responsibilities.

  • Lucille Roussin
  • Paul Edmondson  
  • Anita Canovas

Student and New Professionals Committee

This committee will engage in outreach specifically to law students and recent graduates. The committee will organize events on law school campuses by coordinating with existing student groups, initiate the cultural heritage preservation blog, assist in maintaining the listing of course offerings and internship/externship opportunities, and provide research assistance to Yearbook editors, as requested and as available.

  • Diane Edelman (Chair)
  • Emily Monteith

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