Assaulting our cultural heritage

08 Sep 2015 7:45 AM | Anonymous

Assaulting our cultural heritage

Jamal Doumani

Published — Saturday 5 September 2015

Last update 5 September 2015 1:16 am

WHAT kind of people would feel propelled to go on a wanton rampage of destroying a society’s cultural heritage? The answer is simple: The uncultured one — a people driven by anarchic passions and nihilistic impulses.
For those of us who have studied, or at the very least explored as cultivated readers, the history of Palmyra, in Syria, the news that Daesh goons have used explosives to demolish a nearly 2,000-year-old site there, was shocking. For this columnist, whose visit to the legendary site as a teenager retains to this day its palpable magic, the news was gut wrenching.