General Assembly: Statement by State Minister Dr. Maria Bohmer on Saving the Cultural heritage of Iraq

01 Jun 2015 7:31 AM | Anonymous



General Assembly: Statement by State Minister Dr. Maria Böhmer on Saving the Cultural Heritage of Iraq


Mr. President,

It is a privilege for Germany to introduce the draft resolution “Saving the Cultural Heritage of Iraq”, which we drafted together with our Iraqi partners.

I would like to thank Deputy Secretary-General Eliasson for his vivid description of the situation.

All of us have been profoundly shocked by the barbaric attacks on Iraq’s cultural heritage perpetrated by the terrorist organization ISIL, or Da’esh. We all remember our feelings of anger and impotence at the videos showing militants destroying the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hatra, ravaging Mosul’s museum or the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud, using sledgehammers and caterpillars to put an abrupt and violent end to thousands of years of history.