Iraq's vanishing heritage: risk and solutions

04 May 2015 8:10 AM | Anonymous

Iraq's vanishing heritage: risks and solutions

Nazli Tarzi 2 May 2015

Despite the challenges involved in rescuing Iraq's endangered cultural and archaeological sites, a recent conference put forward concrete, long-term solutions.

Steps to the Ziggurat of Ur. Everett Historical/Shutterstock. All rights reserved.

A conference held in April by the Association of Iraqi Academics, Iraqi Association, Iraqi Women League, and the British Institute for the Study of Iraq discussed challenges and solutions involved in the task of rescuing Iraq's endangered cultural and archaeological sites.

As cultural property crimes in Iraq reach new levels of depravity, the Association of Iraqi Academics congregated in London recently to explore ways of countering ISIL’s assault against Iraq's vibrant past.'s-vanishing-heritage-risks-and-solutions