What we can do now to help stop Iconoclasm by Da'ish (IS)

16 Mar 2015 7:16 AM | Anonymous

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What we can do now to help stop Iconoclasm by Da'ish (IS)

By Franklin Lamb

Iconoclasm, the deliberate systematic attacking or destroying of religious images as religiously heretical is clearly a crime against humanity everywhere it occurs. Today in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere iconoclasm is spreading outrageously. It continues to irreparably destroy our shared global heritage. Our past and identity are in the crosshairs of religiously and socially misguided iconoclasts who are bent on erasing our history.

Yet some are asking why we should care all that much right now given all the other societal problems internationally. Isn't the seemingly cliquish-chic handwringing over archeological sites and old stone fragments, carvings, pots and writings just another form of cultural colonialism? Seemingly to placate old people who may have been raised near these sites and appear obsessed with them?