Experts Decry British Complacency with Syrian Destruction

22 Jul 2014 2:39 PM | Anonymous

Experts Decry British Complacency with Syrian Destruction

Alexander Forbes, Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Over 100 British experts, lords, and members of Parliament have signed a letter decrying the United Kingdom’s failure to sign the Hague Convention on the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict. The letter was written by Nicholas Trench, the Earl of Clancarty, and published in Monday’s edition of the Telegraph and on their website.

As the letter points out, the UK is the most significant international power that has not yet signed the Hague Convention. The US signed the accord in 2009. It was initially formulated in 1954 in response to the vast destruction of and damage to sites of national and international cultural importance during the Second World War. Those losses, Trench points out, included: “Paintings by Van Gogh and Caravaggio; the St Petersburg amber room; and architecture such as St Mary’s Church, Lübeck, and the Benedictine monastery at Monte Cassino.”