Survey of Course Offerings in Cultural Heritage Law

The following list of course offerings in cultural heritage law is intended to provide a primary resource for law students, those who are thinking of attending law school, and others who are interested in determining the extent and nature of the teaching of cultural heritage law in law schools today. The list is based on a survey conducted by Ryan Rowberry during the summer of 2006, “Law School Update: LCCHP Law School Survey Report,” published in the Yearbook of Cultural Property Law 2007 (Sherry Hutt, ed. and David Tarler, assist. ed.). The methodology and questions used in the survey are explained in more detail in this article.

The topic areas covered in the survey are: art/entertainment law; cultural property law; environmental law; historic preservation law; land use law; marine/ocean resources law; museum law; Native American and indigenous law; and natural resources law. Each entry includes — to the extent the information is available — the title of the course; the professor who teaches it; a web link to the professor or a course listing; whether the course is a first-year or upper level offering; whether it is a course or seminar, and how often it is offered. As with a survey of this type, it is not complete, the information may change from year to year, and it should be viewed only as a starting point. In particular, students should not rely on the information provided in planning their course of study. Rather, they are encouraged to contact the individual professor or academic dean at the various law schools to obtain more details. If you notice any errors or have information to add, please let us know by emailing We hope you find this information useful.

Art and Entertainment Law

Cultural Property Law

Environmental Law

Historic Preservation Law

Land Use Law

Marine Resources Law

Museum Law

Native American and Indigenous Law

Natural Resources Law

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