Afghan archeologist pleads for help to save treasures

19 May 2012 1:50 PM | Anonymous

Afghan archeologist pleads for help to save treasures

UNABLE to save his country's precious cultural heritage from being destroyed, looted or lost to corruption, warfare and religious intolerance, Afghan archeologist Abdul Wasey Feroozi is on a mission to persuade the world to support efforts to retrieve, restore and protect the ancient treasures.

"If the government of Australia would kindly support us from the point of view of returning looted objects from the international market and for the training of the young generation in restoring cultural heritage, historical monuments, objects and excavations that would be a great help for us," Dr Feroozi said yesterday.

Dr Feroozi is director of the Archeological Institute at the Academy of Sciences in Kabul. Previously, he was director-general of the National Institute of Afghanistan Archeology and then director of the Preservation of Cultural Heritage of Afghanistan.

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