Bill would give loaned art immunity from seizure

06 Apr 2012 12:24 PM | Anonymous

Bill would give loaned art immunity from seizure

A Russian official says the bill, pending in the U.S. Senate judiciary committee, may not meet his country's concerns about sending artworks to the U.S. for exhibit.

By Mike Boehm, Los Angeles Times

5:50 PM PDT, April 5, 2012

For more than a year, Russia has prohibited its government-run museums from sending artworks to exhibitions in the United States. The ban has frustrated and puzzled American museum officials, because it was spurred by a legal decision unrelated to anything the museums themselves have done. Diplomacy has failed to lift it.

Hopes have risen recently that the impasse can be broken by a bipartisan bill that passed unopposed in the U.S. House of Representativeson March 19 and is pending in the Senate judiciary committee. But an official at the Russian Embassy inWashington, D.C., said Wednesday that the bill is not strong enough to meet Russia's concerns.,0,4304873,print.story

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