Call to halt sale of 'blood antiques'

03 Mar 2012 1:31 PM | Anonymous

.Call to halt sale of 'blood antiques'
A photo of the entrance of the Angkor Wat complex in Cambodia. A statue which is 200 years older than those found at Angkor Wat is being sold in New York. [ABC]

Connect Asia's Liam Cochrane speaks to Tess Davis

Created: Fri, 2 Mar13:25:28 EST 2012
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The Cambodian Government has asked New York auction house, Sotherby's, not to sell an ancient statue it suspects was looted during the Khmer Rouge era.

The statue was expected to fetch between $US2 million and $US3 million.

It's a warrior in an elaborate headdress about 1.5 metres tall but it was snapped off at the feet from it's stone pedestal. 

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