George Custer dealer Christopher Kortlander seeks return of seized artifacts

30 Jan 2012 9:44 AM | Anonymous
George Custer dealer Christopher Kortlander seeks return of seized artifacts

Custer Battlefield Museum director Christopher Kortlander describes a painting depicting the Battle of Little Bighorn on display at the museum in Garryown, Mont. Kortlander is seeking the return of artifacts seized by the government during a five-year investigation of alleged artifact fraud that was dropped with no charges filed. AP Photo/Matthew Brown.

By: Matthew Brown, Associated Press

GARRYOWNE (AP).- A few miles from where George Custer made his infamous Last Stand against thousands of Sioux and Cheyenne Indians, artifacts dealer Christopher Kortlander is waging his own battle with authorities to reclaim a trove of war bonnets, medicine bags and other items seized during government raids on his privately-operated Custer museum.

The raids came during a five-year investigation into Kortlander's alleged dealings in fraudulent artifacts and eagle feathers in violation of federal law. No charges were ever filed. The government dropped its investigation in 2009, and most of the items seized during the raids undefined including 7th Cavalry memorabilia, other American Indian artifacts and thousands of pages of documents undefined have since been returned.
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