Finders keepers?

10 Dec 2011 3:34 PM | Anonymous

Finders keepers?

By Jonathan Foyle, Financial Times Dec 9, 2011

Trade in antiquities and artefacts is thriving around the world but ethical concerns abound

Any decent guidebook will tell you not to go off with strangers into the labyrinthine souks of Marrakech, just in case you’d neglected basic parental advice, or your own instincts have utterly failed you.
So I mused, while strolling down the Rue Sidi el Yamani, an ancient, dusty pink thoroughfare lined with domestic ornaments, lanterns, rugs and cushions, leading into the heart of the medina. On the right hand of the street, I was ushered through a small arch on the right hand of the street and down a flight of steps. There, in a hidden-away courtyard, lay dismembered parts of historic buildings. Doors from Moroccan houses studded with iron with traces of yellow, blue, white and red paint. It was an architectural abattoir, or, if you like, a source of original and exquisite artefacts for inside and outside a home.

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