Sparring Over Berlin's 'Mona Lisa'

17 Aug 2011 3:39 PM | Anonymous

Sparring Over Berlin's 'Mona Lisa'
German-Hating Frenchman Sparked Nefertiti Row
By Michael Sontheimer and Ulrike Knöfel

  08/17/2011 04:10 PM

Germany and Egypt have long been at odds over the return of the famous bust of Nefertiti. Now documents found in archives show that the conflict was started by a Frenchman who had fought the Germans in World War I and considered them to be swindlers. He may have been right.

This queen owes her immortality to a gifted artist. The bust he fashioned out of gypsum and limestone some 3,350 years ago became an eternal monument to her beauty. As realistic as the image is, it has the radiance of a goddess. "It's no use describing it; you have to see it!" said the German archeologist who unearthed the bust of the Egyptian queen in the desert sand almost a century ago.,1518,druck-780599,00.html

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