Making ‘Herakles’ whole after all these years

18 Jul 2011 5:43 AM | Anonymous

Making ‘Herakles’ whole after all these years

The MFA, in a turnabout, to return the top of a statue to Turkey, which long claimed it
By Geoff Edgers

Globe Staff / July 17, 2011

ANTALYA, Turkey - On its own, it seems unremarkable: the bottom half of an 1,800-year-old marble statue showing the legs and lower torso of a muscular figure.

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Graphic Where the lower part of statue was found But here, in one of Turkey’s most important museums, the “Weary Herakles’’ has served as a symbol of the many works stolen from the country, shuffled to shady dealers, and sold to American museums.

The top half of “Herakles,’’ which shows the bearded hero leaning on his club, has been at the Museum of Fine Arts since 1982, given by a New York couple whose collecting practices have long been called into question.

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