American Professor Caught Trafficking Antiquities in Israel

18 May 2011 11:17 AM | Anonymous

American Professor Caught Trafficking Antiquities in Israel
Written by Arieh O’Sullivan
Faces three years for selling hundreds of stolen artifacts

An American history professor has been arrested by Israeli authorities at the country’s main airport as he attempted to slip out of the country with items allegedly obtained from illegal grave robberies.

The Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) said the man, identified as John Lund from Utah, had ancient coins, pottery and Roman-era glass in his possession as well as over $20,000 in cash and checks as he tried to board an airplane for an unknown destination.

They accused him of taking advantage of his status in order to obtain hundreds of stolen antiquities and then sell them to members of a tour group that he was leading to the Holy Land. After his interrogation the 70-year-old tour guide he was released on $7,500 bond guaranteeing he return to face trial.

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