Stolen silver treasure recovered on Gotland

08 Dec 2010 9:55 PM | Anonymous

Stolen silver treasure recovered on Gotland
Published: 8 Dec 10 15:35 CET Online:

An old silver treasure dating back to the Viking Age that was stolen on Gotland a year ago was recovered on Wednesday.

•The thieves were caught by chance and will now be prosecuted for the theft of around 1,000 silver coins from the Viking Age. Five men aged 40 to 45 were charged for robbery.

These thefts have been so frustrating for many years. It really feels like a sweet success that it has resulted in criminal charges against the thieves today," said Majvor Östergren, archaeological administrator of Gotland's county administrative board.

The silver treasure comprised a total of 2,000 coins from the 1060's, mostly German, English and Danish coins. The thieves had stolen over 1,000 coins.

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