Yale to return artifacts to Peru

29 Nov 2010 1:52 PM | Anonymous

Yale to return artifacts to Peru

Yale will return all of the Inca artifacts it has held for nearly 100 years to the nation of Peru, according to a memorandum of understanding signed by University President Richard Levin and the Peruvian minister of foreign relations Tuesday.

All of the artifacts undefined of which there are about 40,000 by Peru’s estimate, and about 4,000 according to Yale undefined will be returned before Dec. 31, 2012 at the latest. Items in a condition suitable for museum display will be returned in time for the centennial of Yale archaeologist Hiram Bingham III’s 1898 scientific discovery of Machu Picchu in July 2011, the memorandum said. Yale will be responsible for all expenses relating to the artifacts’ return to Peru, according to the memorandum.




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