Antiquities: An Open Market Won’t Stop Smuggling

11 Jun 2015 1:09 PM | Anonymous
Antiquities: An Open Market Won’t Stop Smuggling

Having an open market for the trade of antiquities won’t deter smuggling. What India actually needs is significant changes in Antiquities and Art Treasures Act 1972 to contain the smugglers and send out warning signals to those who buy these treasures

S Vijay Kumar

11 Jun, 2015

The culture ministry has a simple solution for tackling the ceaseless menace of India’s best-kept secret. In the past two decades, over 30,000 priceless artefacts have been smuggled out of the country, often stolen from temples or from centrally protected Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) sites. And what is the fix? Dilute an already toothless Antiquity Act of 1972. “We want this act to be revised. …in India, anything more than of 100 years of value comes under the antiquity act. Let India have an open market. Once we allow the trade of those antiquities in India, this smuggling will stop,” Union Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma told PTI in an interview. 

Antiquities: An Open Market Won’t Stop Smuggling

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