Museums in Eurpoe and US draw up rescue plans for ravaged sites in Iraq

04 May 2015 9:45 AM | Anonymous

Museums in Europe and US draw up rescue plans for ravaged sites in Iraq

France takes the lead as calls grow for co-ordinated response after attacks by fanatics on Assyrian royal cities

by Julia Halperin , Javier Pes  |  1 May 2015

  European and US museums that preserve and display Assyrian artefacts fr om the ancient royal cities under attack by Islamic State (IS) are working to help their Iraqi colleagues prepare for a day when the sites are liberated. A coalition of the willing exists but it remains to be seen whether institutions will co-ordinate their efforts.

Jonathan Tubb, the keeper of the Middle East department at the British Museum in London, urges organisations to do more than express outrage. “We need to get over the threshold of despair—we can do something positive and constructive by preparing for the time when effective government control is restored,” he says.

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