Feds Seize Pre-Renaissance 'Madonna'

24 Jun 2014 4:31 PM | Anonymous
Feds Seize Pre-Renaissance 'Madonna'

MANHATTAN (CN) - A "Madonna and Child" painting by a 13th century artist "within the ambit of Cimabue" that disappeared from a Swiss safety deposit box nearly three decades ago was imported to the United State this year for Sotheby's auction of "Important Old Master Paintings and Sculpture," federal prosecutors claim in a forfeiture complaint.

In a catalogue for its Jan. 24, 2014 auction, Sotheby's attributed the panel painting to a "Florentine painter within the ambit of Cimabue," a major pre-Renaissance artist. The painting is believed to have been done "circa 1285 and 1290," the complaint states.



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