Illicit antiquities trade threatens Yemen’s rich heritage

12 Jun 2014 1:06 PM | Anonymous

Illicit antiquities trade threatens Yemen’s rich heritage

Published on 12 June 2014
Yemen has an incredibly rich history and beneath its hard-surfaced lands lie the remains of many great civilizations. However, its largely empty and barren landscape provides the opportunity to strike goldundefinedliterally in some casesundefinedand poor security infrastructure and legal regulations enable, even encourage, people to become smugglers.

Take, for example, a recent attempt in which a Yemeni man tried to smuggle a set of silver coins dating back to the ancient Himyarite Kingdom, the last kingdom in Yemen before the arrival of Islam, dating from 110 BC to 527 AD. In total, according to the Ministry of Culture, he was carrying 54 ancient artifacts.

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