Norton Simon's 'Temple Wrestler' statue heading home to Cambodia

21 May 2014 2:42 PM | Anonymous
Norton Simon's 'Temple Wrestler' statue heading home to Cambodia
Temple Wrestler
"Temple Wrestler" will soon reside at National Museum of Cambodia
Statue actually depicts figure from Mahabharata, the Hindu epic
Norton Simon says there were "special reasons" to send statue home

Since 1977, visitors to Pasadena's Norton Simon Museum have encountered an ancient Cambodian statue that has the wide, hulking build and arrogant attitude of an NFL nose tackle who has just sacked a rival quarterback.

From its pedestal at the end of a long, rectangular downstairs gallery, this life-size presence in sandstone undefined identified simply as a "Temple Wrestler" created in the early 900s undefined does not deign to look upon the 10 other figures with whom it shares the room, even though most of them are Hindu deities.

Instead, with a tilted head and a face that seems to wear a sneering laugh, it gazes far above its smaller companions' heads.

They won't have to put up with his arrogance much longer. After Thursday, its last day on display, the so-called wrestler, which is missing its hands and feet, is going to be taken down, packed up, and sent home to Cambodia.

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