Victory for the National Trust for Historic Preservation

07 Feb 2014 2:39 PM | Anonymous

Congratulations on this cultural heritage victory! The LCCHP is proud to announce that one of its esteemed board members, William Cook, presented the oral argument in favor of preservation. Congratulations!  

The New Mexico Supreme Court found that Mt. Taylor was properly designated a cultural property by the New Mexico Cultural Properties Review Committee. The National Trust participated in the litigation and presented oral argument as friend of the court in support of the tribes and the Cultural Properties Review Committee. As stated by the president of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, “This ruling has several significant ramifications. Reinstatement of Mt. Taylor as a cultural property reaffirms the site’s importance as a historic resource, increases awareness of the state’s priceless cultural heritage, and ensures that mining or other proposed activities on Mt. Taylor will be scrutinized before any permit is issued. It also upholds the authority of the Cultural Properties Review Committee, and its important role in protecting sites of historic and cultural importance to all New Mexicans.”

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