Critics say U.S. museums holding onto Nazi looted art

24 Dec 2013 7:29 PM | Anonymous

Critics say U.S. museums holding onto Nazi looted art

Jesse Singal , Special for USA TODAY8 a.m. EST December 21, 2013

BERLIN – At New York's Museum of Modern Art, two oil paintings by German expressionist George Grosz are viewed by millions every year visiting the Manhattan institution.

The two works, as well as a watercolor in storage, were stolen from the artist who fled the Nazis in 1933, his heirs say. They want them back, but MoMA has said no and U.S. courts backed up the museum's argument that the statute of limitations on retrieving such art had lapsed.

Lilian Grosz, the artist's daughter-in-law, had hoped the "moral ramifications" of the request would have been a mitigating factor on her family's side.

"Unfortunately, that did not carry the day," she said. "We were, of course, very disappointed."



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