Activists fight to preserve Beirut's Roman heritage By Habib Battah

27 Sep 2013 1:09 PM | Anonymous

Activists fight to preserve Beirut's Roman heritage

Room-like structures of 'hippodrome' site in Beirut Construction on a multi-million-dollar housing development was suspended after activists filed a complaint
Lebanese activists are resisting a government decision to allow construction of luxury homes over nearly 2,000-year-old ruins believed to be from a 1st Century Roman chariot racing hippodrome.

Recently discovered walls are being excavated metres from remains belonging to Beirut's Roman Theatre, reputed to have hosted some 1,400 gladiator fighters in a single day.

The two structures towering over ancient Berytus were a testament to the lavish endowments of King Herod who is said to have favoured the city, investing extraordinary patronage to the jealousy of other towns

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