Looting of seabed relics rings alarm bells

24 Sep 2013 11:11 AM | Anonymous

Looting of seabed relics rings alarm bells

English.news.cn   2013-09-23 16:18:15

HAIKOU, Sept. 23 (Xinhua) -- A surge in the looting of underwater relics in the South China Sea has put the region's cultural heritage in danger, prompting local authorities to intensify conservation efforts.

Driven by lucrative profits, treasure hunters flock to the waters administered by China's newest city of Sansha in Hainan Province to retrieve relics of sunken ships and ancient treasures aboard them.

Home to about 1,000 people, Sansha was established last year to administer about 2 million square km of islands, coastal areas and territorial seas in the South China Sea.



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