Paris court OKs sale of North American artifacts (2 stories)

12 Apr 2013 1:41 PM | Anonymous

Paris court OKs sale of North American artifacts

Thomas Adamson, Associated Press11:59 a.m. EDT April 12, 2013

PARIS (AP) undefined A contested auction of dozens of Native American tribal masks can go ahead Friday afternoon, a Paris court ruled, in spite of appeals for a delay by the Hopi tribe, its supporters including actor Robert Redford, and the U.S. government.

After the ruling, auctioneers moved forward to sell dozens of brilliantly colored masks made of wood, leather, horse hair and feathers across town at Druout auction house.

The auctioneer argued that blocking the sale would have tremendous implications and potentially force French museums to empty their collections. Arizona's Hopi Indians want the masks returned, insisting they have a special status and are more than art undefined representing their dead ancestors' spirits. Hopis feed and nurture the masks as if they are the living dead.

Despite objections from Hopi tribe, Native American masks sold off at auction in France
(Michel Euler/ Associated Press )AP PARIS undefined

In a chaotic auction repeatedly interrupted by protests, dozens of Native American tribal masks were sold Friday after a French court ignored the objections of the Hopi tribe and the U.S. government.

The total tally was 931,000 euros ($1.2 million), with the most expensive, the “Mother Crow” mask, selling for 160,000 euros ($209,000) undefined more than three times the pre-sale estimate.


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