Another casualty of Syria’s war: Its cultural heritage

10 Jan 2013 8:20 AM | Anonymous

Another casualty of Syria’s war: Its cultural heritage
Sites in Syria dating as far back as Christ as are being leveled at alarming rates.

Tracey SheltonJanuary 9, 2013 14:48
JABAL AL ZAWIA, Syria undefined A small group of rebel fighters made its way through limestone boulders and shrubbery in the tranquil silence of an orange-tinted dawn. The ruins of Roaiha caught their attention, but only for a moment.

They couldn't let the majesty of their surroundings distract from their dangerous mission: to detonate a bomb near a government tank in this abandoned city dating back to the time of Christ.

Ancient beauty, on this day, was a backdrop for destruction.

Since the war in Syria began in March 2011, the UN estimates that 60,000 people have died. But the story does not end with this tragic human cost. The irreversible destruction of Syria’s heritage continues

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