Looting public lands steals everyone's heritage

05 Jan 2013 11:55 AM | Anonymous

Looting public lands steals everyone's heritage
Posted Wednesday, Jan. 02, 2013

By Jeffery Hanson

Special to the Star-Telegram

I remember walking up the slope of tall grass waving in the breeze of a cool South Dakota morning. I was a young graduate student on my first archaeological project, and we were conducting site surveys along the east shore of Lake Oahe in the summer of 1979.

It was also my introduction to the wanton destruction of our archaeological heritage by looters.

It was the Mobridge site, a prehistoric American Indian village established centuries ago along the Missouri River. The people had been drawn there by the arable and soft floodplain soils, where they grew maize, beans and squash and hunted bison on the prairies that seemed to extend forever outward from the river.

As we walked among the large depressions left from the ancient lodges the ancestors of the Arikara tribe had constructed, we saw depressions of another kind.


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