Turkey claims restitution of stolen art from the Louvre

31 Oct 2012 12:10 PM | Anonymous
Turkey claims restitution of stolen art from the Louvre
Erdogan to recover artwork stolen through the centuries
30 October, 20:13
ANKARA, OCTOBER 30 - Turkey has accused the Louvre's new Islamic Arts wing, which French President Francois Hollande inaugurated last month, of exhibiting artwork stolen from Istanbul's Piyale Pasha Mosque in the 18th century.
Turkish Minister of Culture Erturul Guenay secretly sent two experts to Paris, who confirmed that three terracotta murals now on exhibit are those taken from the mosque, designed by Ottoman imperial architect Mimar Sinan for the vizier and grand admiral Piyale Mehmed Pasha and built between 1565-1573.

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