No Lawsuit for Seizure of Chinese & Cypriot Coins

26 Oct 2012 8:26 AM | Anonymous

No Lawsuit for Seizure of Chinese & Cypriot Coins

     (CN) - The 4th Circuit refused to revive claims that a federal ban on trafficking culturally significant objects unfairly prevented the importation of rare coins.

     There is a long history behind domestic efforts to thwart the theft, clandestine excavation and illicit export of articles that are culturally significant to other countries.

     Back in 1970, the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization first promulgated voluntary rules for restricting the importation of these items. The U.S. Senate gave its advice and consent to ratification of the rules in 1972, and Congress passed the Cultural Property Implementation Act, or CPIA, 10 years later. President Reagan signed it into law in 1983.

     The CPIA allows the U.S. government to place import restrictions on designated articles of cultural property at the request of another party to the U.N. convention.

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