Turkey: Ankara Seeks the Return of Looted Antiquities

31 Aug 2012 8:01 AM | Anonymous

Turkey: Ankara Seeks the Return of Looted Antiquities
August 30, 2012 - 1:35pm, by Dorian Jones Turkey EurasiaNet's Weekly Digest Culture Turkish Politics
Turkey's Ministry of Culture is playing hardball with some of the world’s most prestigious museums. The ministry is refusing to lend historical artifacts to leading museums in the United States and the United Kingdom until they return antiquities that Turkish officials maintain were illegally taken from Turkey.

"When you visit the world's big museums in the United States, England, Germany and France you see that most of the precious artifacts came from Turkey, Italy, Greece and Egypt," Turkish Minister of Culture Ertugral Gunay, the architect behind the hardball policy, said while opening a new museum in Izmir this May. "Some were taken out with some sort of legal formulation in the past, some others were looted from our historical sites."


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