Afghan art looted and feared lost forever returns home

06 Aug 2012 7:45 AM | Anonymous

Afghan art looted and feared lost forever returns home
 Curator Fahim Rahimi hopes the return of the stolen artefacts will serve as a much-needed reminder of Afghanistan's rich culture

On Sunday, British officials will complete the handover of hundreds of archaeological artefacts to the National Museum of Afghanistan. Many were stolen during the civil war and have been recovered with the help of the British Museum and the UK Ministry of Defence, writes the BBC's Aleem Maqbool.

Fahim Rahimi has been waiting for this moment for months.

The young chief curator of Afghanistan's National Museum has just taken delivery of three huge orange-painted metal chests.

They have come from London, via RAF Brize Norton and Camp Bastion.

All the staff at the museum gather round and fall silent as Fahim unscrews one of the containers.

Continue reading the main story “Start QuoteI am happy as an Afghan that all of these pieces that are so important to the history and culture of this country are back with us”

End Quote Fahim Rahimi Chief curator
As the front is removed, it reveals a large, beautifully preserved stone statue of Buddha, thought to be around 1,800 years old.

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